Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Stuff

Ugh, a short heatwave in the 90's has come early to our area. So, this is a good day to work on my PP Pop blocks. Once I figure out sizes to cut fabric pieces the project really takes off.
I sewed these yesterday, so far sew good. Glad I had stocked up on lime green, it pops the Pops. (Ha, ha).

Chicken stuff- Meet Boyd
Neighbors hen raised one chick for a few weeks and then left it (normal hen mothering). Boyd is a cross from white Leghorn Roo and black Australorp. He was lonely so we put him in my coop with bigger chicks.
When Boyd is big enough he will go back home with neighbors gentler flock. It will be interesting to see how the black marks develop on Boyds wings.

The hen waterhole is great for the sudden jump in temps these few days.

Resourceful hens have figured out they can get a cool damp dirt bath if they excavate close to the waterhole.That big rock was in their way so they scratched around and moved it! LOL

Polish chicks just keep growing their head feathers.Females sport a nice big well groomed pouf. Roosters have unruly long head feathers. UH-OH, these two are growing some pretty wild head toppers!

Dear Smudgie has the right idea about hanging out.She is under the ceiling fan enjoying the constant breeze.


  1. Testing my comment area. Blogger has been putting us in a loop to sign in. Yesterday I could comment for a while if I signed in and unchecked "keep me signed in". Today nothing worked but I'm trying again. Hope all is fixed soon.

  2. I didn't realize there was a foster chick program in the poultry world.

  3. I did the same with signing in and it seems to be fine.... so hot for you and we are cooler.... love the pops you are making.... chooks are looking good and Smudgie is soooooo laid back...

  4. What great paddle pop blocks! I just love the Polish chicks and Smudge is true to her kind and knows the best spots :)

  5. Cute popsicles!! I remember seeing that pattern in QM along with their other Project Linus.

    It is so ding danged hot here right now that I would not know whether to eat a popsicle or rub it on myself. The weather is more like what we get in August---and we are NOT ready for it!