Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stop Being Mopey

Time to get past the grief and out from under my snuggle quilt.I want to thank those who commented and sent emails with kind words about Simon's passing.

Decided to get back quilting with May's AboutQuilting Block Party (Lotto). This month it's greens with cream background, Monkey Wrench (from Quilter's Cache).
Cutting is my least fav part of quilting.

Once I was sewing the blocks went together fast.
Finished the blocks last night, six to enter and two extra donated to sweeten the winners pot.

Life is going on outside. Chickes are growing. Hens are very busy doing hen stuff. Here is one days worth of their hard work. I have some vege plants to pot up, will share in a later post.


  1. You lost a friend. It is okay to be mopey. I still have times when I shudder deep inside because I had to put my old dog down. I still will stand at the door and wait for her to come.
    It has been six months for me and it is easier but still. I am glad you made such a pretty quilt. I got my patterns out this week and it felt like to much work. I hope I get over my mopey too. :)

  2. Your quilt is beautiful. Quilting is so good to make as not feel so sad. You have good reason to be mopey, it is so hard to loose a good friend. Take care and lots of hugs.

  3. you can take as much time as you need to be sad. but it's good to do something you like to do too, if you feel up to it.