Sunday, May 8, 2011

Simon Is Gone

He passed to the Rainbow Bridge early Monday morning, he is there with his old buddy Macho. That is Simon (below left) in his younger days, around age seven. Macho and Simon lived with us in town, we lost Macho just before moving to the Whetstone area. Simon was my saddest project, rescued seven years ago. He came to us very thin, shaved to a nub, covered in tic bites. Both ears were sorely infected, he was anemic and had an awful toenail fungus. Several vet visits and time erased the look and symptoms of abuse.
After Macho was gone Simon was Chelsea's babysitter and company. Chelsea was a handful for Simon, he did not want puppy play.
Recently the "two old guys" claimed beds nearest our sofa. They were mostly always there....
Dining together.

Sleeping close.

Simon had a long life and we hope the last half was his best and happiest with us. Fourteen years was a good run.
Farewell to our one-eyed handsome "Pirate Poodle".


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. {hugs}

  2. I'm so sorry about Simon - he lived the last half of his life much loved in his forever home - that's a wonderful gift to have given him. Imagine what it's like at the Rainbow Bridge, with all of our sweet furbabies waiting for us - it'll be magnificent to be reunited :)

  3. What beautiful dogs and happy memories you have. I know the pain you feel, it never totally goes away to lose a beloved part of your life.

  4. Simon had the bestest time with you.... lots of thoughts coming your way...

  5. So glad though that he had some good years with a loving family. My prayers will be with you as nothing harder than loosing a friend.
    So sorry,

  6. So sorry to hear of your loss. My Heidi passed away a few years back..she was a 13 yr old mini schnauzer...thankfully we had GUS the schnauzer also just one year prior..His company helped so much iwth her gone.

    Hope that Chelsea does the same for you.

  7. we are so sorry to hear about Simon. he was a beautiful fellow and you gave him a wonderful life. we can tell he is much loved. we will say a special prayer for him and keep you in our thoughts.

  8. It is very sad when they go but you obviously made life a pleasure for Simon.