Saturday, May 21, 2011

FNS & Chicks

Last night was FNS. I try to sew a little every night, always keep a project next to my machine.Here is what I did last night- Several years ago a guild friend gave me scraps for kitty blocks. I found the scraps yesterday and decided to cut some kitty parts. There were nice patriotic fabrics, brights and kids novelty and muted fall prints. Kitty blocks are an on-going project with me. (One of my fav blocks).
Kitty ears I cut like prarie points and tucked a little fold. These are fiddly to work with and sew down but I like how they end up looking.

Chick Update
Here is the Sussex cross chick. She will be a full size hen, fluffy ears and beard are from her Silky dad. (No crowing yet and the comb part is not bright red so I assume a female). She fussed and struggled to get loose. DH had to take the pics for me.All speckled like her mom and just as wild.

Cochin Silky cross chick. Her skin is black like the Silky rooster and feathers are so soft. Her mom donated the curly part. She's gonna be small like her bantam mom too.She was really mad and struggled like the speckled chick. Look at all those curls.

Last week I collected plants for a small garden. Not sure where to put a garden, out front or back. The roaming roosters out back will have to be fenced in first but I'm leaning towards a backyard garden. Tomato, cukes, yellow squash, herbs and lantana.


  1. The kitty blocks look good. I have yet to make a pieced kitty. I have a few different designs. I love the silky cross. She looks really rough and your garden sounds great.

  2. Great kitty blocks! The chicks are getting so big! The plants look awesome for your garden! Hugs, Mickie

  3. Looks like you have some fun stuff going on over there and some fun chickens. My husband has always had chickens until a few years ago when we moved.