Friday, April 29, 2011

Spiked String Blocks and Chicks Update

Worked on the spiked string blocks as time allowed. All blocks are finished and sewn into rows. Now just sew rows together and add a border fabric. Then it goes into closet with others waiting for quilting.

Hot day (almost 90 with slight breeze) so the hens enjoy water. Leaves on Mesquite trees are coming in so it looks like spring for sure.
Hen waterhole "downstream". I run the water a few minutes several times a day. Those hens love scratching in mud and sitting on cold dirt.
I found Golden Laced Polish chicks on CraigsList a few weeks ago. Here are the two I purchased at one week old. They have been living in the box until feathered and now both go out with Frizzie's chicks during daylight hours. They grow so fast! Frizzie's chicks are looking very mature.

Caught the speckled chick napping. Little head is tucked almost under wing.The coloring is really going towards the Mille Fleur rooster color. But the chick has an extra toe so we thought white Silky roo was the dad and Speckled Sussex was that chicks mom. Confusing, but will be a pretty chicken when all is said and done.

Smudgie watching me, waiting for her bit of canned food before bedtime. Mimsy and Patch are around the corner, waiting too.

Dear Wonky never met a food bowl he didn't like.Nom nom nom !


  1. I love the three dimension effect of the quilt. Don't you do patchwork in spring and summer and quilting when it gets cold?

  2. Those blocks are great. Is there a tutorial or pattern for them?