Thursday, April 21, 2011

Had my eye on a different string top in HeartStrings photo album, these are the beginings of my own version. There are other projects to work on but I like to keep strings and papers at machine for when I have a bit of time to sit.
Pulling papers off block backs. Decided I like using end roll newspaper better than slippery catalog paper. Press after paper is torn off so strings press flat. Next step, trim the block square. I found tearing papers after squaring pulls out edge stitches.

Smudgie is keeping an eye on me this morning, waiting outside of each room I go into. I better check the catfood hopper, it may be low. These cats get antsy about their food.

Chick Update:
We have decided this chick is not the Frizzle Bantam's baby. Daddy is the Silky rooster and Speckled Sussex (best guess). This baby is twice the size as Frizzle's little baby. Both chicks have the extra toe that comes from a Silky breeding, plus feathery feet. I'll try to get some pics of the two chicks, it's hard cuz mom Frizzie has taught them to be afraid of me.
Hate to journal about this but the big Cochin broody hen (Lola)gave up on her eggs. She slowly started to push eggs out of her nest. No idea why a hen would do that. Maybe they weren't going to hatch? Could she sense there was no sign of life after a couple of weeks? I sure don't know. Today would have been hatching day.


  1. That chick is just adorable, still yet.

    And isn't it amazing just what you do with string blocks?

  2. I haven't seen a string top like that with the white stripes in the centre... I love the end effect.... I have kept an old telephone book for a project like this....

  3. Lovin the quilt, its gonna be cool lookin. Chickie is so cute & pretty kitty.

  4. Are there instructions for the block?

  5. I was reading old comments on my Diamond String quilt and you commented yours was waiting to be quilted. I wondered if you got it finished? A recent quilt show had TWO similar, different process, but still lovely! (Elaine Adair)