Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Block Project & Pet Stuff

Been looking for a simple project since the string blocks are finished. Remember this pattern? It was in QM magazine, a Project Linus pattern.I still have some lime green for background.

Fabrics for the pops. I guess they look like ice pop colors. Reminds me of hearing the icecream truck as a kid. It was in my grandma's neighborhood every summer day. We were allowed to have a treat on Fridays.Haven't seen one of those trucks for a long time.

Patch and Zoey. Zoey is sleeping in late today.Patch got out last night, she will sleep on the bed all day.

I've been busy grooming poodles. Chelsea is finished, complete with a bath.She is so shy when the camera comes out.

Wonky got his hair cut too, but still needs a bath. He's not happy about it-He acts like he is cold at night!

Polish chicks still come inside to sleep in their box. Funny how all of a sudden their head feathers are growing.No sign of a comb so maybe both are hens (I hope I hope I hope !!!) ?


  1. My Poodles suddenly become lap dogs after a grooming. I might think it is affection but I'm sure it is just human warmth they seek.

  2. Those are nice bright colors!

  3. Your new project fabrics look fun... pets are all happy.. the polish chicks are interesting... - a bit of a punk rock look there?

  4. It's true, poodles are traumatized when they are groomed! I love that popsicle quilt...even more so because it is paper pieced! the chicks look so cute! Hope you are having a good spring!

  5. Perfect fabrics for popsicles...and those babies are simply adorable. I am enjoying seeing them grow.

  6. LOL! Those polish chickies are so funny lookin, cute, but funny! Love the Mohawks :)

  7. What a wonderful, delightful menagerie of animals you have! I love the photos of your little "peeps" someday I am to have a Frizzle, I just love them. Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to offer a comment. Happy Spring to you. Julie of Dog trot Farm.