Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time to Come Back

Time to get back to journaling. I've been physically down after a too long dentist visit and doing too much yard work. Now it's time for playing with fabric. Last night I pulled out a bag of Bricks & Stepping Stone blocks.I think this bag is the last of my Bricks/Stones swapped blocks.
I played with the blocks and counted almost 50. Not sure when I'll get these into a top so back they go into my block stash. Hard to put away, this baggie has some really pretty fabric combinations.

Last night while doing a quick survey of the chicken yard this caught my eye- a lone light blue egg.
Further back under the trees I found a pile of at least a dozen eggs! They did this last fall, a hidden rouge nest. Well duh, egg count was down a couple days. I should have been more vigilant.Very hard to get to, the mesquite is full of thorns plus a very mean cactus nearby. It was almost dark and shadows were long but I worked fast to get the eggs collected. Had to reach with a springy metal leaf rake (and didn't break one egg!). Poodle kids will get a big omelet for supper :)
Hope a new covered kitty box will be a solution, sat it out this morning (no takers so far). Maybe they will be enticed or go back to laying in coop nest boxes, dunno. Hard to second guess a hen !!!


  1. That is a huge pile of eggs...I counted at least 16...there is one place I am not sure but there might be another.

    Love those Bricks & Stepping stone blocks.

  2. Love your blocks! So glad to see you posting again, I was just talking to DH the other day saying I wondered where you were. Glad things are going well. Your chickens are rascally :D

  3. I love your bag of blocks and I have found little nests in all sorts of places. They just can't help themselves :)

  4. Wow your chickens have been working overtime.
    I love all of your fabric.
    I am glad you are back.