Monday, April 4, 2011

Lime Strings Top & Broody Hen

String top has borders now. Off it goes to wait for quilting. The "to be quilted" pile is getting purty big. Ugh.Worked on simple blocks for a comfort quilt this past weekend. Lots of outdoor work to do keeps me away from sewing.

Kennel set up on porch for the big broody Cochin "Lola". She has been fighting over eggs when I collect from coop so here she may have some to keep. Back porch is where we raised all chicks when first starting with chickens.

Close up of the bakers dozen eggs. She has been in the crate since Saturday night. I hope moving her to a new spot does not interrupt the brooding instinct that's so strong now. She was off the eggs a bit this morning but has gone back to camp over them now.
No photo of Lola, afraid the flash will spook her off those eggs. Ya never know!
Frizzie's chick update: Both growing like weeds!


  1. That quilt is crazy to look at, lol. I really like it :)

    Good luck with broody hen & eggs... cant wait to see how many chickies she hatches.

  2. Congrats on finishing your lime green string quilt. I just put the finishing touches on a shabby chic string quilt tonight. Can you believe I spelled a word wrong on the label? I crossed it out and wrote an easier word a little above it, just like I would have done in school. Oh well, I think it adds a little character.

  3. The quilt is looking good and good luck with the eggs.

  4. I love the lime green in that quilt.

  5. Wow, what a pretty string quilt with yellow borders. You inspire me to dig into my strings again after seeing your pretty string quilt. I can never get enough of looking and making string quilts.

  6. Very pretty string quilt!
    Good luck with the eggs

  7. Love this string quilt...I'm certainly a pea green kind of gal!!...(or lime green)