Friday, March 25, 2011

Old Projects New Projects

Finished up the last five of nine Economy blocks last night. I like the fall colors so much, lots in my stash of ten years.
Quilt project I want to start- "Saddle Tramp". Hubby likes the quilt so will make as a sofa throw. Have not kept a sofa quilt for us in 10+ yrs of quilting. Found the rusty red background fabric from a great discount eBay seller. It's not flowery, and is close in color to the quilt photo.The horse print I'll use as centers of star blocks, then mix creams for star points.

Saddle Tramp is in this magazine. Cannot start another project until I finish a couple others. That last Sticks/Stones top is calling, borders are cut for it. Want to start and finish a comfort quilt for neighbor that is sick. So many quilts waiting to be made.

Chelsea is a roo watcher. Roos are peeping-toms, watching me in kitchen.


  1. That's going to be a great quilt!

  2. I love the colourful blocks and the horse fabric will look great in the quilt. I was looking for the roos :D

  3. Gorgeous quilt blocks! Love the "Saddle tramp" project~ beautiful fabric choices.
    My roos come to the back door, too... looking for a treat. *sigh*
    Chelsea is a doll!