Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paper Piecing and Chick Update

Sewing some blocks for a friend. She will put these in a quilt to raffle. Several members at AboutQuilting are helping out with this project.
Economy Block from Quilters Cache. Using fall colors with cream as requested.
Well so far two of three hatched chicks survived, no other eggs hatched open.
Sorry photo is a bit fuzzy but had to show cuz it was so cute.

Both babies have fuzzy legs so they will be feathered when adults. I wonder if feathers will turn out to be silky or frizzled?

Eating and drinking on day two. This dark chick has some brown coloring now. His mom is the bantam cuz it was her tiny egg he came out of.

This chick is a from a big hen's egg (father unknown) maybe Silky roo? Hope so. His coloring is chipmunk looking.

The monster I have created....... The pretty pair of Dutch roos have taken up residence on side porch. I love the roos but they are making a mess of my potting table (roosting there at night)and scattering rocks all about.
It's an out of control situation!


  1. Wow those roos are just like kids :D The baby chicks are just too too TOO CUTE!
    Great photos, quilt should be nice!! :)

  2. Your blocks are pretty as usual :) The chickies are so sweet. I had a chipmunk colored one hatch in my bunch too. Funny about the roosters.

  3. Love reading about your chickens and roos! Wish I lived somewhere the homeowners association weren't so uptight so I could have some too...

  4. Oh, I am envious..would love to have those roos to take pictures of any time I wanted!

  5. husband loves chickens. We have had chickens up til we went to Samoa...he misses them.