Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lime Center String Blocks

Past few days I've been extra tired so switched project to easy sewing- string blocks. HeartStrings project for Feb and March was Lime center strings for kids quilts. This will be the second top I made, hope to finish in next couple days. That makes my goal of at least one charity quilt a month.

Used Connecting Threads catalog pages for foundation instead of fabric. They tear away so easy after block is pressed. Hot iron makes the paper "fragile" after it's cooled off. Catalog paper is slick so the center string has to be well pinned so it doesn't slip crooked when sewing first strip.

Yawny Wonky. He is ready for bed but won't settle down until lights are out.

Zoey ready to fall asleep. Computer time is so boring to her :)

Frizzie's two chicks are growing and busy. The dark chick seems to be turning a lighter shade and wing tips are curling upwards like mom's. Silky roo (Elvis) is dad cuz the chick has an extra toe like all Silky chickens do. So far the brown chick's wings are speckled like the Mille Fluer roo (gee, who's your daddy?). I'll blog chick pics in the next few days. They are still so small and hard to photograph.


  1. I love your string blocks and using paper is such a great idea... I am still in the gathering of scraps stage. Wonky and Zoey look like they are giving you big hints!!

  2. That is going to be a beautiful string quilt...also, post pictures of the chicks any time....they never get boring.

  3. That is a great idea to use catalog pages as foundation.