Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Drag-Around Quilt for Me

Been working on five quilts for others the past few months. Now it is my turn to start a quilt for me. Saw a quilt over at Millies Quilting and really liked its loveliness and simplicity using only wider strips of fabrics. I had similar fabrics in my stash to make one for me :) yippie. Hers is kinda country with soft blue stripe, I had a chicken print and rusty red stripe in my stash.

Perfect feather print fabric for backing. Purchased at 60% off, end of bolt sale. The bolt still had four yards. Glad I grabbed it.The quilt will be for napping and I won't worry about it getting dirty and washed a lot. Doesn't everyone enjoy a quilt like that?

Rusty color for narrow border and binding. I think it will be the mottle on right, more of that fabric to work with.
Must sew binding on brick/stone quilt then I'll start my quilt. I just wasn't up for binding a heavy quilt today. Doing binding on machine.

Poodle dog stuff.......
Chelsea doesn't smile a whole lot.She is a serious girl. Mostly serious about going for walks and riding in car!

Goofy Dodger smile.He is a happy poo-dog.
Oh my, Zoey needed cleaning up, I clipped her down and there is barely any Zoey left! She has always been so thin but has a good appetite.
Poodles have really skinny legs when the fur is gone! Now we just need to comb what hair is left and do some scissoring.


  1. I always love a "whatever" type quilt, all for your self... !
    I love those 2 pictures of the pups, how cute!

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. I love the chicken fabric. All the colours look great.

  3. Its gonna be so pretty. I love the chicken fabric too. Zoey looks cute :)

  4. Strippies are fun and fast to make.

    Chesty always looks like he's dropped half his weight when he gets a haircut....wish it was the same for me!

  5. I LOVE the fabrics for this quilt - it's like you planned it all along! How fun!