Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bright Strings A Top Now

I was caught up in a string block virtual sew-athon during Super Bowl Sunday (with AboutQuilting forum quilters). Here is my string top waiting to be sandwiched for quilting. Hope a purple binding will corral the "t" borders, looks kinda I dunno- unfinished? Well, duh.

Sewed strings and rows with my little 1948 FW. Very fun but I'm spoiled with the Viking even feed foot. Sewing rows of blocks on FW had me struggling to keep a straight seam. Switched to the Viking for sewing borders on and it was a breeze. (I sew my border fabric to muslin foundation so the quilt has an even weight all over). I'll save the FW to sew strings onto foundations.

On a side note- the chickens did very well during cold temps last week. Final low in our area was 3 degrees at night for three nights. Daytime was wind chill of eleven degrees for three days. (It slowly warmed up high 50's).
The flock out front acted like it was a normal day. They roamed around scratching and dirt bathing. In photo they are enjoying a flake of alfalfa tossed over fence. By days end all the little green leaves are gone.

Roosters tended to stay in their little coop most of day. I did catch them dirt bathing in late afternoon. That's the big Cochin roo in dust hole. It keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Lots of house cleaning today. We had 45mph gusty winds Tuesday so everything is covered with a fine red dirtdust.


  1. OOoOoOO I love your string quilt, and I think a purple binding will be perfect - bright and fun :) My favourite quilts are string quilts - I'm working on 3 right now - they're a great way to use up scraps! But I'm working on a FAR more modern machine than your gorgeous FW - a 1953 201 (I love you, Miss Bella!) - life in the FAST lane! ;)

  2. Sorry I dont understand or know all the quilt talk but I do know its beautiful :) The chickens look like their all have a nice day...

  3. I have a bunch of string blocks to assemble and this gives me an idea. Thanks!

  4. Hi there, I linked to your blog from Bubzrugz. Your quilt looks lovely. The purple border should look great. I certainly hope the dust doesn't come back too soon.
    Cheers from Val in Brisbane.