Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fri-Night Sew In Last Night?

I guess I forgot but today see FNSI mentioned on a few blogs. I did sew last night, guess I'll see if I can still sign up. LOL Snapped the pics this morning.(Left the mess to go watch Blue Bloods and then to bed).
Cut a few strips for binding and a top and bottom border.
Sewed one more row of stripe and chicken print to top, now it's perfectly wide enough.
Smudgie likes to perch on back of DH's tall computer chair. Mimsy can't attack her up there. Mimsy thinks the den is her room.
Sunday afternoon project. It finally has a place to set up. Very exciting and scarey.
Today is awfull wind, cooler air moving in and rain later. Clouds blowing over Huachuca Mountains across valley floor. (view out sewing room window).

Good day to stay in and sew but must go for groceries and then to LQS for more Kona black. Post about that project later :)


  1. The chicken quilt is looking good. That quilting frame looks like serious business. Does it mean you will be posting about a lot more finished projects?

  2. The blankets look like they are coming along nicely, great pictures - Happy Saturday!

    Rudy's Raiser

  3. Smudgie is soooo purtty! Beautiful blue sky.