Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bright Strings for HeartStrings

My bright string blocks, worked on today. Not sure about the lay-out. Started to sew rows and decided to wait. Will play with settings later. Was going to use QAYG but the ordered fabrics did not show up in mail.
Thinking I will send this one to Quilts For Kids. I'll work on lime green center strip blocks next week.

Not too much of a mess from today. Just need to unbury the cutting table.

Mouse keeping warm with Wonks and red sweater.

Mondays project. Quilt borders and binding. Marked curved quilting lines with plate and chalk pen. It feels good to be finishing a UFO :)


  1. Your quilts are beautiful... Is is nice to finish up UFO's I've got a stash of crochet items I need to finish... one day, lol.

  2. I have several UFO's at my house...both quilts and scrapbooks! I love the blue kitties in the next post too :)

  3. Sue, I love your string blocks! So fun for a little one, I am sure it will be a hit at the QFK's. I also like your template you are using to mark your quilt, who would have thought?

  4. Those string blocks are absolutely HAPPY!!! The pups look so cute laying together :)
    I envy you getting to an UFO! Well done!~

  5. I love your quilts - they look beautiful!
    And the pups are so cute cuddled up together :)

    Rudy's Raiser