Friday, February 4, 2011

What a Frozen Week For AZ

Blue kitty blocks swapped a few years ago. The blues represent SE Arizona weather- cold, icy and frozen.

Frozen water pipes at our house all week, pipe burst on our water storage tank yesterday. Well repair man is busy, busy, cannot repair for a few days. DH takes lid off tank and siphons water into containers for house. Ah, it's getting old now, no shower and cannot wash dishes, etc. At least we have clean water to use.

Main wells in local towns have burst pipes, schools closed and people are asked to conserve gas for heating. Southwest Gas CO. is low and using reserves. Ft Huachuca closed today, no water or heat in buildings. Nothing here is built to withstand temps of 4-5 degrees at night.

Horse water tank in front field. Plenty of water but covered with four inches of ice. Able to bust by hammering edges. Ice was flying and the hens were chasing it. LOL
Paddock bucket. Had been chipping ice with hammer but no water left to drink now. Not as windy today so the two geldings can go to front field. They both have been at barn under blankets for three days now. (11 degree wind chill last three days).

Horses don't seem to mind the cold water, Dreamer is ready for a drink.Warmer temps on the way, into 60's daily by Monday. (((sigh)))

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  1. WOW unreal how cold it must be for that to ice up like that...we dont get those temps here in Australia...well not the places I have lived...doubt it would happen too often in most of Australia. We visited the States in the winter months and we LOVED the snow....not having it here or seeing it ever in my life it was just magical...hugs Khris