Saturday, January 15, 2011

PP Blocks and Isabella Update

Been working on PP Interwoven Diamond blocks. The paper piecing is very easy. Foundation is unprinted newspaper and marked with unthreaded sewing machine needle. I had a few blocks left from a swap and needed more for a good sized lap throw.Fabrics I chose are bright and fun, meant to be cheerful but for an adult. (Click on pics for close-up).
Two more to finish then start sewing into a top. This will be for someone I know that recently had surgery. Really want to finish and get into mail.

Isabella with Frizzle and Buff Leghorn Hens.
Below is a close up, you can see the tint of purple from med I sprayed on. She has no tail feathers and keeps her wings pulled up over bare back. Thank goodness our days have been in 60's and will be for at least a week longer.

She is out with the others daily and staying with them now. First couple days she was hiding all alone. I set up three feed stations and an extra water place so she can get what she needs. She is first to roost at night and the last to come out in mornings. Dear Isabella knows how to take care of herself so I do think she will be alright once the feathers come back. :)


  1. Isn't it funny how our chickens become like family. I know when a animal got my little gray silkie hen, I cried and cried like I lost a kid. I just love my chickens. I love the material you chose for your quilt. Could you tell me how you did foundation? I have never heard of that before. You used your machine to draw the lines without thread? Only if you have time of course. It just really made me wonder about how you did that.

  2. Poor little baby, my heart goes out to her! Keep us posted how she is doing!

  3. Gonna be a nice pretty quilt :)