Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long Road Trip

Beautiful sunrise to start the day.

A few photos of our trip into New Mexico yesterday. We drive by rock formations of the Dragoon Mountains.

This was the only pink color formation we saw.
These mountains look like piles and piles of big rocks.

Neatly stacked rocks, some the size of cars.

Red spot in photo below is a big tractor trailer rig.

Driving out of Dragoon Mountains.
After seeing all the nifty rock formations the rest of trip showed desolate landscape.
Thankfully we made it back home safe. I fixed supper and sewed a few paper pieced blocks.

Good way to finish a long day, working on some kind of quilting :)


  1. Nice road trip... Beautiful Pictures :) I've never been to New Mexico.

  2. I enjoyed the cyber trip to the Dragoon Mountains... they are striking..

  3. That sunrise is fabulous! Where did you get the paper-pieced patterns?

  4. Oh, that brings back memories. I've camped out in the Dragoons since I was a late teen, and my DH and I spent time there more than once in the winter when we traveled full time in our 5th wheel. I miss the southwest!