Monday, January 17, 2011

Marking Papers and Tidy Up

Almost finished sewing enough diamond blocks. Made some extra to replace darker blocks. I keep finding fun scraps to use, so had to make more papers and cut extra background fabric. Maybe sew enough for an extra row to make this throw longer.

A couple photos to answer question about how I mark papers for paper piecing. I cut about 10 to 12 papers and clip or staple the stack. Put the master copy on top and sew with no top or bobbin thread. Use an old needle (I keep one in my pin cushion).

The master copy starts to fall apart after a few uses, I taped it together. Needle holes are bumpy, you can feel them to help place fabrics. Just don't sew tiny stitches when marking or the papers will break apart. (Click on photo for close-up).

Been busy moving quilting room stuff and cleaning out. Gosh, I still had unpacked boxes from three years ago. The sewing table will go in center of room, it's too jumbled to have it's photo taken :)
My computer cabinet is now in my sewing room instead of guest room. Found the cabinet on CraigsList for $20. I love the deal I got on it. Top shelf will hold books, Mouse sleeps in lower cubby.

My cutting table is no longer buried. I actually used it yesterday!

This room is on sunny side of house and I can see the front gate and lane. Next few weeks will be spent working on the two rooms. Maybe will paint with a warm color, walls are so white. Time, time not enough time it needs to get finished.

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  1. Sounds like you are staying busy!
    I've found some great deals of craigslist before; I've always loved that site :)

    Rudy's Raiser