Monday, December 27, 2010

We Are All A Little Tired

Lazy day today. I put some swapped blocks on the wall. These are from Bonnies free patterns- Bricks and Stepstones. I just love a scrappy quilt, especially if it has black and white.
For Christmas I get a Poodle Calendar every year and use it to keep track of all things poodle. I look back at birthdates, who was coming and going while fostering, etc. I see Chelsea and Mouse are due for vaxing in Jan.
Mouse and Dodger snuggling. Our weather is getting colder, freezing temps in a day or two.Not looking forward to being outside. Brrrr, hafta find gloves and knit hats.

1 comment:

  1. that's a cool quilt. we like quilts.

    we also like the poodle calendar. the human makes one every year that is All ABOUT US.

    we are so jealous that you live with 7 poodles. our human's dream is to live in the country with lots of poodles and dogs and only one schnoodle - that's me, Bailey.