Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ready for Predicted Cold Weather

Horse stalls clean and blankies at the ready.It does not get anywhere near as cold as it did in WA state but Mooser is getting older now. Want to keep both geldings comfortable.
Some spilled hay scooped up to put in Bachelor roosters coop.
The white Silky roo sleeps on floor, others sit on roost pole. Oops, there is Rowdy roo in the fresh hay tonight.
I think when hens lived with Silky roo they made him stay on the floor and it became habit. LOLChicken feed station. Scratch bucket, shavings and kibble cans. Neighbor gave us a couple of pumpkins and the chickens love that pumpkin. I give them a big slice every couple days. They stuff on the flesh and don't even want their scratch!
The little Bantam Frizzle wants to sleep on coop floor. She is in the smaller coop with just three others that roost there. I'll get her some hay piles, the shavings are not deep enough to keep warm in.

I think the tiny brown egg is Frizzles since she is now old enough to lay. A tiny egg shows up about every other day.
Zoey needs cleaning up! But will just clip face and feet then scissor body hair, too cold out now for shaving down.
Ok, all is ready for coming freezing rain and snow by Friday. (((sigh))) I cannot complain because we've had weeks and weeks of mild temps.


  1. Looks like your all set up and ready for the snow... all your chickens are so pretty and just look at all them beautiful yummy fresh eggs! Love all the colors. Hope you dont get too much snow or ice but some would be pretty.

  2. You are going to be getting cold weather too, that is funny to think about. The cold, I have been keeping my chicken feeders full too and I don't know why weather in the 20s makes me get afraid but it does. It is noticeably cooler now that it is snowing in the mountains. So here is to our cold weather. Your chickens are lovely. Don't you just love Silkies? Thank you so much for comment, it made my day, my week and maybe my year. :)

  3. Az can get really cold in the winter so best be prepared. We have fresh snow here in my neck of the woods. It is below freezing and getting colder with each passing hour. I hate winter. The only good thing about it is a warm, cozy sewing room and lots of blogs to read. I love your bricks and stepping stone top.