Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poodles Visit Santa

I was finally able to resize the prints so they were not thumb nail size. LOL Our vet clinic had Santa come in for pet photos a couple weeks ago.
Chelsea was charmed by a squeeker toy.

Mouse doesn't enjoy being handled by strangers, you can tell from pics. This is the best we could get.At least his eyes were open and he didn't growl at Santa like Chelsea did!


  1. Cute pics... .Mouse looks so sweet and shy!! Chelsea's not so sure????
    Hope you are having wonderfully happy holidays...

  2. Ah ha ha ha....our ICE thinks that's funny, growling at Santa. Chelsea is adorable in pink, ....ICE asked us to print that.....Happy Holidays!=^Y^=

  3. Such gorgeous pics! The pups look awesome, Santa looks like Santa and the background is awesome. You are lucky!!!!!!!!! Ted would not like Santa at all :)

  4. OMD! those photos are amazing. Chelsea is beautiful. do you groom them yourself? wow. our human grooms us, but she is not very good. she needs to learn how to make us look beautiful like Chelsea. we might just be in love with her. woof!