Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let It Snow AZ Style

That "Let It Snow " snowman door decoration took me seriously. It was only 40 out and rainy, windy. A little while later.... wet heavy snow flakes.
Empty hen yard. No lounging and dirt bathing today. Hens took refuge in the smaller coop.
There is a heavy clear plastic under sun shade cloth on back wall. Maybe why they like the lighter coop for daytime roosting. Silly Silky Elvis eventually ran out to check for straggler hens. I filled a small feeder with scratch and gave them a water bowl inside. Funny, there is no hen squabbling going on.

Poodle play! No mountain views today.
Chel doesn't go with others.
Looks like Chelsea has had enough of this wet snow.
Wonky still seems excited to play.
View from coop. Mouse is high-tailing inside. At this point, so am I !!!

Weather report shows clear and sunny by Tuesday, temps around 60.


  1. Wow, great snow pictures. Love to see the poodles play in the snow. Next time you can show another mountain view, for now the snow is pretty.

  2. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.... lol. Our snow is just about gone, yay. It was actually pretty nice here today, in the 50's. Your Poodles are so pretty :)

  3. That is so weird to see that. Gosh our high today was 46 and it will be down in the 20s tonight. I am freezing. I like it at 100 degrees. So glad you got snow though, my kids were so disappointed we didn't even get a single flake.