Monday, December 20, 2010

Procrastination = Late Night

Did not start the binding work on Woodlands quilt until 3pm Sunday. Finished around midnight. Had to cut away the extra batting and square the quilt then cut and sew binding strips (between laundry, cooking dinner and feeding the seven poodle kids). The quilter did such a fantastic job using a leaf and vine panto with a varigated color thread.(
She was able to quilt it all flat, I was worried about the blompy wavey fabric. Backing is all flannels. Didn't want all one fabric so I pieced in a woodgrain strip. Kinda looks like a big tree trunk. LOL
Center panel close up. Sorry the quilting does not show. I wish the situation was better for a photo session. DH was taking the quilt to work for the retirement party and had to be in early.
Poor Mouse and Wonky were under the quilt while I was snapping quick photos.
Sunrise towards the Dragoon Mountains. Was not ready to get up so early but Simon needed to go out.Panning east the colors are glorious! At this point the chickens are coming off their roosts, lots of hen squabbling and roos are crowing.
I never get tired of seeing the colorful sky here in AZ.

Trying to get a link to the quilters blog, not sure if it is going to happen but not for lack of trying! (((sigh))) Millie did such a wonderful job quilting this Woodlands quilt, I will be sending her the next big quilt project I am working on.

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  1. The quilt has come up so beautiful.... I love the colours you have put together - and the sunrise pictures are stunning...