Thursday, December 23, 2010

Long Week So Far For Me

This has been a busy week for me. Haven't recovered from staying up late to finish the Woodlands quilt. Then I had another late night of baking after shopping for goodies for Dh's work pot luck. I'll post some favorite pet photos today.
Driveway kids.
Dodger and Mouse trying out the new dog bed cover. Microfiber upholstry fabric from JoAnns's Fabrics.Mouse in a rainbow.
Lt to Rt- Mouse,Mattie, Wonky, Chelsea.

A little something crafty, fabric related for this journal entry. An apron I made for a swap last year. She said they don't "decorate" for Christmas but wanted to swap a Christmas apron. I chose large ornaments with darling kittens.Hope she liked it, she said she did. The fabric was the last 2.5 yards I had.


  1. Lovely pictures....
    Happy Christmastime and thanks for lots of fun ...

  2. I think aprons make great presents. :)