Friday, December 3, 2010

Necessary Projects and Those Crafty Hens

Sewing the past couple of days for Mouseman. The prednisone makes him pee a lot and he was starting to have accidents. He does come and poke my leg with his nose to let me know he needs to go out. But sometimes I'm absent-minded and when poked I'd give him a pat or treat then later find a puddle by the door...... my bad.
These little belly wraps are expensive to purchase so I pulled out some fleece and cotton fabrics to make them. Velcro holds it closed, a pad sticks to the center to catch accidents. Sewing time well spent.

Chicken saga goes on.....
What the hens out back were up to just before Halloween.
Kinda hard to make out but there were many eggs under the shed, several days of laying from the wild white and green egg laying hens. I was only finding brown eggs and wondered what was up.
DH found the soft springy rake and started rolling eggs from under shed.

Ended up with a big pile of eggs. I washed the eggs and poodles had scrambled eggs with breakfast for a few days.
That's when we moved those sneaky hens to coop out front! Now they are moulting and stopped laying since cold weather moved in.


  1. You are very clever making up those belly wraps - I know who to contact when I get old and incontinent!!!! Funny hens... imagine hiding all those eggs!! Amazing colour....

  2. Deb, these belly wraps are so cute. The chicken eggs are such a pretty colors. Are the hens those with the feathers on the feet? My mom has a few of these lillte hens and they do have blue eggs.

  3. ohh I love lucky to have your own "chooks" as we call them here in Oz....hugs Khris