Monday, November 29, 2010

Crafty Ideas & Sick Chickens

I need to come up with some small crafty auction items by Dec 15th. (Last month I re-joined the Ft Huachuca Community Spouses Club). The upcoming December luncheon will have a silent auction of crafted, baked or purchased items. All proceeds go to local community charities. Below is an apron panel I could finish but not sure if anyone would want an apron? It has cute mits and potholders.

I ran across some cut star blocks in Christmas fabrics, maybe a table runner? That's a lot of work for me to put together a runner for auction. I guess if bids are low I can bid on my own items and bring them home for gifts. It is after all $$ going to local charity projects.

Two sick chickens. Both are getting injections to help them get better. They get wrapped burrito style in a towel so I can sub-q inject the med with tiny insulin needle. They mind getting wrapped but not getting needle stuck- thank goodness!

Miss Red hen has a chest cold, we could hear the chest rattle outside the coop. I listen every night when closing up.

Little Dutch roo Boo is sick with chest cold again. I wonder if we put him back out too soon from his last cold? Sorry little fella!
So far the others are well. It has turned to freezing cold at night, daytime temps are in 50's with high wind. No one is fond of this cold wind, 'cept for the younger poodles that play and run non-stop.


  1. Have you heard of the 10 minute table runner pattern? Google it and enjoy!

  2. Hope the chickens are better soon! The apron is cute too :)

  3. I hope the chickens are feeing better. Nobody likes a cold.
    Cute apron! Panels make great gifts.