Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Last Blog Entry

This morning Huachuca Mountains showing first snow for this winter season. Snow at the house melted very quickly yesterday then later anything wet froze solid. Today is bitter cold with flurries and wind. The cold front is sitting instead of moving like predicted.
A pat of alfalfa made all the hens and roos happy. There is ever vigilant Elvis.
Hens were curious when I pulled the ice from one of their water troughs. Peck, peck, peck at ice. Silly chickens.
Warm spring like weather the past few weeks tempted a creepy crawly to come out. No idea what crawled out the 2 inch hole but I'm guessing it's frozen now.
Gate watchers, only Chelsea is allowed to barn this morning. Too cold to keep track of others if they decide to run off. Tumbleweeds keep piling at this gate.
Horses staying in blankies all day. Wind chill is still around 27 degrees. The stalls have thick rubber mats but I sure wouldn't want to lay there without something to wrap up in.Yikes, this cold is no way to ring in the new year!


  1. Yikes I don't like that kind of cold either (we are having a warm spell in the 40s right now). The chickens pecking at the ice cracked me up!
    Anyway, wishing you a happy and peaceful 2011!

  2. Love lookin at the chickens... Happy New Year. We got some crazy weather going on everywhere!