Friday, December 17, 2010

Last FNS of 2010 Tonight

I'll be sewing the binding on a quilt that is to be gifted at a retirement party Monday. Been putting it off cuz I know it is going to be hard work considering the quilt size.

Temps dropped to 50's last night and it rained quite a bit. Heavy fog when we woke this morning, wish I had snapped a photo. Kitty door to screen porch is shut now, wind was pushing it open. Photos below are of Smudgie enjoying sun just a few days ago.

The wet coldfront should be gone Saturday with warmer temps for the cats to go back onto porch. To answer a question about how cold it gets here- it will freeze again 'probly some days in January and February. We had some snowy days last year but it melts when sun comes up. We could have some nights in 20's and days in 40's but the wind chill is what gets in your bones here in SE AZ.


  1. The windchill is what bothers us too. Your cat looks so content in those photos :) Can't wait to see the quilt you are binding. Have a great day! Mickie and the poodles