Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crazy Chicken Stuff

I was asked about hen's eggs. We ended up with only one hen out of four Cochin bantam chicks. That one hen has not started to lay so I don't know what color the eggs will be. Not sure if the big Cochin hen is laying yet and I won't know because of so many hens. I will always be curious! (Unless I catch her on a nest some day). LOL
Laying stopped during the moult or so I thought. Was feeding horses last week and out of corner of eye saw color. Can you see the tiny spot of blue just under Mooser's nose? There was a wild nest carved out of soft dirt under low mesquite.
Here are the eggs, all 14! Poodles had scrambled eggs for a few mornings, (all eggs seemed fresh). Since my raiding the wild nest they are back to leaving a few in the nest boxes now.
Elvis the white Silky roo (front coop) is still king of the chickens. He is gentle with the hens, eats after the others have eaten and stands watch all day. Elvis rounds up his hens when danger is near and is last to roost at night.

The big Cochin rooster came into his own recently. He's been mating or trying to mate with the hens, especially the little bantam sized frizzle hen. I decided to capture the big fellow and move him out back with all the bachelor roosters.
Below photo is Big Guy unwrapping from my jacket. Had to throw it over him to capture and carry. This is a very big rooster, he has great strength in his wings.
Each little roo had to spar with with Big Guy. No one touched and no feathers were lost. They have him buffaloed and chase him every day.The little bantam Cochin roos chased the Big Guy all over back yard. The white silky had a hard time keeping up, he kinda paddles when he walks.They were still chasing as sun went down. But that big Cochin roo did sleep inside the bachelor rooster coop :)
Weather here has been right around 70 degrees and sunny for the past six weeks. Only had wind a few days. Forecast shows rain is coming and then temps dip back to normal high 50's. (((sigh)))


  1. Your chickens are so pretty! :)
    Gosh it looks beautiful where you live, great sunset :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love your ranch!! Would love to have a horse, chickens, goat, sheep, etc. :D but not likely to happen as my DH is a city boy.

  3. Love The sunset pic! So pretty. Silly Chickens, just look at all those pretty eggs in the hidden nest!