Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finished all the bear paw blocks.This morning I sewed on the panel borders and side rows of bear paw blocks. Must get this finished and off to a LAQ. Way too big for me to quilt at 65x80. I found a shop on line that will do an all-over oak leaf design for about $40.
Dear Wonky is always there ready to lend support and a paw and give sloppy kisses.
He is looking neglected, needs a face trim at least. This time of year the weather is cooling so I hate to clipper off all the poodle curls . But on the other hand yard weeds have gone to seed and are very brittle, sticking to poodle fur. Below is a nice product of weed plants. Wild squash from the front field.
Little bits of moisture in air, making a nice sunset last night.

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