Thursday, November 4, 2010

Almost Lost Rowdy Roo

That silly tiny bantam Rowdy jumped the fence and Wonky, Chel and Mouse found him this morning. I was inside with doors open (nice weather) and heard the most unGodly sound. Screaming and howling, it was awful and did not sound like a chicken. Ran out and saw little black feathers all over the side path and feathers stuck to poodles faces. Rowdy was under the little atv trailer, then running to side of house. I grabbed him, he couldn't stop screamimg. He was so loud, did not know that sound could come from an itty bitty roo like him.
Rowdy roo in August
Finally he got quiet and I tucked him under my shirt then ran into house, he was really panting, struggling to breathe. Sat on sofa and held Rowdy to my chest and patted him and started to sing (poor bird!). He relaxed and made little gurgly noises like he was talking to me. I looked down at him and his gaze was frozen on my face.
Checked him out, no blood anywhere, just missing a hunk of tail feathers and leg feathers. Little fella cuddled against me for a long time. Zoey snuck up for a sniff and Rowdy started shrieking again, about blew my eardrum out. After a while Rowdy seemed ok so I took him out back. The other two banty roos and Silky Howdy-doody were in the coop, one peeked out, made me laugh, they were all hiding. I put Rowdy down in the pen so Buster and Punkin could see him.
Buster (lt. front) Punkin (rt. front)
Now the pen door is shut, all roos are locked in. No more free ranging. Besides the hawks the little guys are their own worst enemies. Bantams are not supposed to be able to jump five foot fences! Or so I've read. Well I have news for the bantam chicken experts! (((sigh)))
Bantams just seem to march to their own drummer. LOL


  1. My bantams fly over my chicken run and its about 7-8 foot. Hes pretty. Glad you didnt lose him.

  2. Poor little chicken, what an ordeal he's been through.