Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Runner and more Chicken Stuff

Finally found the stitch card with stipple stitch. It was right there on a shelf above the Viking machine. How did I over-look it, dunno. Anyway, I sat up watching election results on Fox News and stippled away until midnight. Not real crazy about the results but the runner is quilted. (Better done than in my ever growing UFO pile).Searching for that border fabric, want to use for binding. Now where did I put that brown fabric....?

Back to the chickens.................
This huge chicken predator comes by often to check on our flock. I think there is too much activity (me, poodles, cats) around the flock for him to try and nab anyone. This is the first chance I had to get a photo of him.
My two fancy Dutch roosters are well now. The awful MG (chicken pneumonia) is gone. Still waiting for test results to be sure it was MG. The daily sub-q injections of Tylan saved their lives.
Elvis Silky roo seems to ignore other roos but I know he is keeping a close eye on them.LOL
Corky, Boo and the black Cochin roo "Jeeves" getting along. I tried to put the two roos out back with the Cochin bantams. Oh my, the Cochins attacked! Boo somehow lost a boot (foot) feather, had to dip his foot in corn starch to stop blood loss.I even tried putting the roos in a small run but they pecked heads and combs thru the wires until bloody.
So, back to the front coop they went.
Boo is no threat to hens (or anyone for that matter). Enough chicken stuff.
Below are my blue fabrics for November's Block Party (LOTTO).
More to come or check out info under "sewn swaps".


  1. Guess I never really thought about chickens getting sick...glad they are doing better! Love your festive!

  2. Your Fall runner is beautiful. Love the chickens, I've been hearin a hawk around our area, thank goodness no missin chickens... yet.