Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wonderful AZ Fall Weather

Progress on the bear paw blocks slowed for a day. I took time to sew a candle mat from the test blocks cut from scraps (it's all quilted now). Just six more flannel paw blocks to go for the big quilt, I'll finish them tonight.
October and November usually (hopefully) have great weather. I'm spending time outside as much as I can now. The heat is gone and no rains in forecast.
Poodles antics on Monday. Mouse loves to chase Chelsea. She usually hangs back so he is able to keep up.

Wonky trotting back from gate after chasing neighbors truck.
No one gets hurt, it's all fun stuff.
Dodger enjoys sunning.
He settled down with a hoof chewie the farrier left behind.
Even PatchCat was out. She had fun flushing little birds from mesquites.
Sunday was the neighborhood Halloween potluck.
I don't know who this lady was but she had a blast! LOL
Lots of good food and conversation.
A good way to keep up with neighbors we don't see very often.

(Jen asked about the breaky casserole. It's a layer of tater tots covered with sasuage, onion and peppers then eggs mixed with milk, grated and cottage cheese poured over top. Easy to reheat the next couple of mornings for a quick breakfast. Sorry, no recipe cuz I just throw in how ever many eggs I have besides the rest of what is on hand. Makes a tasty hearty breakfast).


  1. I LOVE the Bear Paw block...great look you have there...

    I guess I better get busy and just make ONE for a wallhanging...since it is my favorite..a great statement.


  2. The puppies are having so much fun! The one puppy looks like a sitting bear.
    Cute custuum too!