Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy ThanksGiving to All

Hungry horses waiting for breakfast after chickens get fed.Chelsea says lets get hay, grab the wheel barrow and let's go!Some nice alfalfa to feed at night. Digesting alfalfa hay produces heat and keeps horses warm.
So many tumbleweeds grew from early rains. That will teach me to keep up with pulling young ones next year. Have to hire a man to help with weed pulling.Round pen looks like an overgrown garden!Weeds in round pen grew out of control this past summer. A yucca is growing next to hidden mounting bench.We pass old Bens grave every day on way to barn. Ben was a big old black poodle dog that was tossed into rescue. Owners did not want anymore, too old. We had Ben over a year, my DH dearly loves the old ones and takes good care of them. Now we have old Dodger and he is doing ok.Windy and cool so the flock mostly stays under a mesquite tree. Until I tossed in a pile of alfalfa. They eat the leaves and scratch under the stems. Keeps all of them warm and busy.Two of the hens are still looking scruffy from a molt. Need feathers cuz it's getting cold here in SE AZ. Supposed to freeze tonight.
Chores finished, time to get the turkey in oven.


  1. Happy thanksgiving.... I always love to see where you live.... lovely open spaces...

  2. I've still got some scruffy lookin chickens too from their molt.