Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swap Fabs & Rowdy Bantam Roo

Did not make it to quilt shops in Benson yesterday, was too tired to drive. (Will go one day next week). But I found a couple more stashed FQ's so have enough to swap the max number of 48 blocks. The cut focus fabric is 5" and will have black strips sewn on bottom and one side (block will finish at 6").
This swap (More Skeletons In Your Closet) is with the ladies at AboutQuilting. I hope the blocks can get turned around quick enough to finish a quilt before the end of Oct.
Chicken stuff: Roosters again ! This little guy. He's handsome and cute as a button :)
Size can fool you.
This Partridge Cochin banty out front was being a real meanie to any he could bully. He enjoyed grabbing the others by their necks, shaking and dragging. The poor victim would scream and flail, I could not stand it! Nabbed the rowdy fella after dark and caged him on screen porch for the night. He now has new temporary digs out back. The backyard girls check him out.
Howdy-Doody Silky roo (named by DH)is guarding the rowdy guy. Hey, that's a good name for him- Rowdy. He's been crowing and flapping to make his little self known.
He has plenty of room to strut his stuff, 8ftx3ft for a critter not even the size of a football. Howdy-Doody would roll him like a football if he could get in there! Ha, ha, he really would. Don't let his little powder puff features fool ya.

All in a days work with chickens.

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