Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fabric Swap and Hen Stuff

One of the Australorps is broody again. I keep taking her off the nest but she is right back. Locked her out yesterday and she huffed and puffed.

I may put her out back, if she causes disruption there then she has to be locked up, maybe in the banty coop for a while. The hens out front have stopped laying because of the broody hens actions.

Crabby, cranky but I lover her (as much as one can love a chicken).

On another note- Found these odd but pretty looking fruits at the market. I think they are a cross between plums & apricots, Pluots? They are mildly sweet , very juicy, redder as they ripen and good with a bit of honey drizzled over top.

DH took his old blue car to an out of town show today. I may drive over to Benson, a small town 30 miles north to check out two quilt shops. I'm tired of the one shop here and do not want to drive the 70 miles to Tucson. Need Kona black for a block swap- "More Skeletons In Your Closet". Will show pics later if I get fabric cut.

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