Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zoey Better This Morning

Dear Zoey was able to hobble outside this morning. She is still spindly legged and needs help getting up. But I think she is out of the woods and will be walking normally in a few days. It is hard to get a pic of her looking at the camera. It makes a click before flashing and she is smart to look away when she hears it. LOL (I know the old girl looks raggedy but she hates being groomed. MAybe while she is down on her pain meds I can sneak a comb and clippers on her curly locks).

Ok, now for the chicken pics....... Rowdy Silky Roo with two of his girls. They are busy scratching thru hay I raked out of the coop. It rained the night before and they love going thru wet hay.
A few new hens added to the backyard flock, there are six in the pic below, speedy Buff Orp is at my feet already. (The four furthest away are new).

Two new Buff Orpingtons, just getting close to laying age (brown egg layers). Found them on CraigsList, a breeder selling out his new flock. All four new girls were skinny, undernourished. Their breeder did not keep free choice feed available and they had to fight to eat when he felt like tossing out a few handfulls of crumble. These are too young to be torn up by roosters but they were. Oddly our Rowdy roo does not see the new girls as his. He started out keeping them away from his girls.
Below is one of two new Ameruacana (green egg laying) hens. They like to fly and I found one on side porch yesterday. The fence is 5ft. Good thing she did not go into the dog area! I am needing to get the backyard bunch moved out front soon.
One of the new girls has started laying out back. No idea which one, new eggs should be either green or brown. Where is this white egg coming from? They are small and every day.
I really have no clue.
Chickens are such a mystery at times!


  1. Glad Zoey seems to be okay..... chickens and fresh eggs..... I will get to that!

  2. Check to see if any of the hens have white earlobes. Chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs. Hope Zoey is better. Love the kitty quilt!

  3. Zooey reminds me so much of our Seamus. I hope she is still healing! The chickens are adorable :D