Monday, August 16, 2010

Scottie Blocks and Poodle Stuff

Lest anyone is starting to think this is a chicken blog.... No chicken photos here today :) These are two blocks finished tonight, five more to go for the set of black dogs. I want to finish another set of grey Scottie blocks but oh my, these are tedious to make.

Some are plaids and some are fun small prints. I decided to sew all the coats different so no one would get a duplicate block from me.

Now for some real dog pics- below is Zoey napping while I was sewing. She came in this morning hobbling on three legs. Cannot see any injury but she does not want to put any weight on her back leg. I have put a boot on the foot to help her have more support. If not better in 24 hours she will go to vet for a radiograph.

Below is Matilda with Mouse. She has been with us for about 1 1/2 years now. Rescue gave her to us because she would be almost impossible to place. We don't know what happened to Matilda but she is terrified of people. I was beginning to think she would never come around. She regresses at times. But it was a big surprise for me to see her laying behind my computer chair one afternoon. Usually she is tucked away on the sofa or in a bedroom. She is playful and happy outside and will now follow me close but if I turn to face Matilda she runs away at least 20 ft before she feels safe enough to stop. Crazy little sad poodle girl, you can see it in her face. We don't pressure her. As long as she follows house rules she can do as she pleases. For now she has staked her claim mostly on the sofa and watches most goings on from there.

Matilda has a home with us until she leaves this earth. Hopefully with more time she will feel more comfortable and relaxed around people.

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  1. Ahhhhhh, poor little Matilda! She is so lucky to have such a good home. I would hate to know what she has been through.