Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Friday Night Sew-In

My swap Scottie Dog blocks are due to be mailed next friday so I worked on some for the sew-in. Below are some cut parts that needed sewing. I had pics of the head parts but cannot get them to download from camera (grrrr!).

The four last black Scotties. I will try to finish the grey set next week.
The blocks go together quickly once all the HST's are complete.
Zoey was finally groomed (by me). She did go to vet for a check-up. He said she is 'probly having arthritic changes in her lower spine that cause her back-end to be wobbly. I will order Zoey a pair of no slip boots for her back feet. She slips on the floor now and that's 'probly how she hurt her leg a few days ago. We are being more careful about letting her out with the rough younger poo-kids too. Wonky gets in a rush and knocks the older kids down. He doesn't mean it but it happens. That's Wonky for ya, he is a little bull in a china shop. (Oh gosh, we still love him!).
Pretty Zoey. She didn't give me fits about combing and clipping this time. I used lots of Cowboy Magic on her longer hair so the tangles were easy to get loose. Clippers were used on face, neck, tail base and feet. The rest was scissored. Again I was surprised she looked at the camera for a decent photo :) Good girl Zoey!


  1. Love your blocks! You did a good job grooming Zooey, I'm sure she will enjoy being cooler. Paddie's hair is a little better now that her steroids were decreased. I never heard of those boots before, where did you find them?

  2. The blocks are great! Zoey looks much tidier too.. Hugz

  3. Cute quilt blocks! I'm feeling the need to put together a quilt!