Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update On New Chicks

Cochin/Silky mixed Banties enjoy the branches. They all try to perch there at night. The little brown chick at feeder is one of the Partridge Rocks. They have doubled in size and are still very docile. These are not Banty sized but will be seven lb. laying hens.

Lots of preening going on. That Frizzle girl has a wild eye.
The slanted board is for the chicks to go behind when it rains or if they are getting picked on. Bunch of squabblers I have! But no one gets hurt.

Frizzle doesn't pick on the Cochin Rooster. His comb turned very bright and as suspected he is a roo cuz he crowed his first cock-a-doodle when I showed up to feed this morning.

The smallest chick I named Sparrow. He is just half the size of the other Banties. Cannot safely free range the Banties cuz Sparrow is still tiny enough to go thru the wire fencing. But at half their size he still bullies the Speckled Sussex and Partridge Rocks.

Soon to be laying hens are almost as big as the black Cochin Banty hen.

Free ranging but they stay under cover as much as they can. You can see the white starting to come in on the two Speckled Sussex girls.

Elvis all grown up! He turned out to be one handsome Silky Roo! Sadly his hens don't respect him. They won't let him mate and will peck his head if he tries to woo their hearts.
Not much sewing going on here. Computer and phone have been out four days, just repaired last night. Lightning fried the service tower last Thursday night. I have Scotty Dog blocks to get sewn and swapped (mail on Friday). I could not get to the block pattern with the computer down. Today was spent getting caught up with emails and blogs plus Mouse went to vet for his Percortin injection. I was tired today cuz of doing lots of house cleaning yesterday. (((sigh))) Hope to have more energy tomorrow.
I switched back to the old blogger posting system. It was easier, and I figured out how to delete photos by using "edit html". Hope to keep up with any new changes and not become so frustrated. I like keeping this journal. So there :)

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