Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Pets & Blog Problems

30% chance or rain every afternoon this week. If you wonder why this photo is here- it's because blogger is giving me fits about moving text and photos. They are changing the way we post to blogger and so far it seems to have lots of bugs in the system. I used to enjoy blogging (was quick and easy) but this is really a pain in the patootie. It won't let me move or delete text or photos. Guess I will come back later to try again, but if this continues i won't be blogging much any more.
Smudgie is proud of her feathery tail :)

Smudgie did not get her haircut this summer. She is getting older and has lost weight. Did not want her to get cold in the air conditioner. This cat has the prettiest green eyes!

Mimsy had a (badly needed) haircut. She doesn't seem to notice unless maybe she feels a bit cooler in our hot, humid weather.

She can curl up in her snuggy bed and not have to get out and stretch out on the floor to cool off.

We had the groomer leave a nice ruff of neck fur,, but forgot to ask that she not shave the legs! Oh well, Mimsy doesn't complain. And she is nicer to me since I feed canned food to her every night.

On another note- over the weekend I was bitten by gnats. Was out at dusk feeding horses and putting chickens to bed, felt a few "itchies" but thought nothing of it. Woke up next morning with huge burning, itchy lumps on arms, legs and neck. One bit the outside corner of my eye and it is still swollen. Most bites swelled up into water blisters so now it looks like I have cigarette burns! My bitten eye is twitchy and itchy. Have to take Benedryl and that med makes me sleepy. Crud, it's always something with me- Murphy is my middle name lately. LOL

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