Monday, August 23, 2010

Egg Mystery Solved & More Than One Princess

Princess Zoey went back to bed this morning..... but she was not alone. Princess Chelsea was back off to slumberland too. See that little sleeping kitty back in corner?
Princess Mimsy never did get up!
White egg mystery solved thanks to Back Porch Chickens blogger. She said if the hens have white ear patches they lay white eggs. Well, my two new Buff Orpingtons have white ears. The older Buff has buff and she has always given brown eggs.
The pic below is my egg lifting device. Nest box is too low for me to reach. (Coop top opens to get inside).
Ah-ha, one of the new Ameruacanas is laying now! This morning I found two white eggs and very lightly tinted green egg (top middle in below pic). The gold and black feather belongs to the green egg layer :)
Quilty pics in my next post.

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