Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall Kitty Top

It's so hot and humid here now, no rain for relief, the monsoon has stalled. I'm so ready for fall. Found my fall kitty block top and felt instantly soothed. Must get borders put on and send to LAQ Ami soon.

It looks so pretty on backdrop of trumpet vines.

Close-up of blocks. I wish we would have another fall kitty block swap at AboutQuilting. Would love to have enough to make a quilt for my sis.

Must share the blooming agave plant. It was on the land when we purchased and it avoided the trucks and workers while house was built. Now I've been told it will die after blooming :( that is sad. But it will nourish pup plants before expiring and I will be sure to plant those around the yard.

Blossoms will be pink and yellow.

Over-all size is around 25 feet!


  1. The kitty block quilt has come up so nicely - fresh......
    Agave's are fascinating... I have a different variety and wonder if it will flower this year....

  2. Oh Sue, I hope they have a Fall Kitty swap too, I love your fall ones, your Christmas ones were adoreable too! I decided to sit out the Halloween Swap and try to get some baby quilts done. Be sure to let me know if *someone* gets talked into hostessing the kitty swaps.

  3. Love your kitty quilt. We used that pattern last year for a donation quilt. It is very hot and humid where I live too...I am so ready for fall.