Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free Range Finally

Finally the chicken area fencing is complete. A very nice lady from Elgin put the fence up along with perfect hanging gates, she is an expert (and is wonderful company for me). She has a Llama farm just ten minutes from our place.

Banty chickens enjoy being under mesquites and scratching in tall grass. They jump up to snip seadheads forming on grasses. The full size hens don't mind being out in open. They don't go under mesquites very often, maybe the needles stick big hens too easily.

Community dust bath under corner mesquites. The dirt is moist from so much rain (almost daily). If it dries up then I sprinkle with hose to keep everyone cool and happy.

View from horse play area. So far none have wanted to go thru the wire at back. Will still put smaller mesh wire there just in case. White Silky roo is always keeping an eye on me.

No more poodles at coop door.

Corner along edge of lane to horse play area.

The fenced area is about 70x50 ft, seems large enough so far. We may move the backyard hens out to the front but want to finish another fence for poodle area. (I have a breed out back that likes to fly)! That way poodles cannot go near the coop at all, they will have the front yard inside block wall and side yard along main lane. I always worry someone will leave the drive gate open (happened once before) and the poodles escape to run the valley. Once they were gone three days and yes, I was worried sick. Old Simon was gored by a brush pig and was in hospital three days.

Wildflowers have flourished in the record monsoon rains.
I think you can click on pics for larger view.


  1. The chooks look very happy in their new playground....

  2. One day we would like to get chickens. I know your poodle is dying to chase those chickens.