Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Chicks

There are seven new baby chicks for the backyard.

We thought some of these may be Silky and Cochin Bantam crosses. But I'm reading up on the Cochin breed and some are clean legged while some have feathers.
So, I'll have to watch and see how the feathers develop. Soft feathers without barbs are Silkie feathers. Doesn't matter cuz all are so pretty as they are. Six are about 8 weeks old, one is a young baby but holding his own. Two female chicks mother the baby so he's safe.

Below is one with Partridge coloring on head and neck. It will be interesting to see how far it spreads when he matures.

Feathered legs and feet as in the Silkie breed. But her feathers do not look "silky".

Below is a Frizzled Cochin. Frizzled feathers can occur in many breeds. (Never breed Frizzle to Frizzle, offspring will have nekkid, sparse feathering)!

Compare Frizzle and smooth feathered.

This is a rooster for sure! (may have two in the group).

Maybe a roo too. White faced (?)Cochin.

The Frizzle is mean to the baby, roo protects.

Young chicks like to roost on a pole already! Even the baby hops up :)

Oh well, the new chicks are why I have not been working on other projects. Enjoy them while they are little, huh?

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