Monday, July 12, 2010

Antics of Poodle Kids

Coming in for the grab (Zoey get out of the way!) and......
a mouthful of ear.

Geeze, which way did she go? Chelsea went to her favorite place! (You can see the chicken coop addition).

Hey, are you up for a game?

Um, yes the poo-kids are slowly being groomed. It is so hot now there are just a couple hours morning and at night when it is cool enough to get anything done outside. I usually groom on the back porch but we had rain and the humidity is a killer. Dodger went to the groomer in town a few days ago, I may give up and send Chelsea. Wonky and Matty now have their faces and bodies clipped, still need to clip legs. Oh, and Mouse is clipped short since these photos, he has a summer (skinny) look but he's cool now.
Heres old Dodger after his groom, but oops he closed his eyes! LOL

And more rain on the way!

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