Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in Project

Fabric choices for Churn Dash blocks. It's about time to cut into these stashed (for too long) fabrics.

And more fabrics. I am pulling all colors that are more muted or "dusty".

Not sure about using just one background fabric. Maybe should use a variety of different creams.... will sew a few blocks before I decide.

Now, how many to cut, how big do I want my quilt to be? These are ten inch blocks, maybe 6 across and 8 down would make a nice sofa sized.
(Hey sis- hope you like these fabrics because I'm cutting fabrics for you to sew a quilt too).

I have so many started projects but have always wanted to finish a Churn Dash quilt to keep for myself. Hope I get this one into a finished quilt. Maybe I will pull it out on Fridays and use it for my Friday Night Sew-in project until complete. Here is a finished block.

Tonight was cool with a slight breeze so we stayed out until dark to enjoy. Clouds in distance were beautiful, the photo is not retouched. Started my sewing project late tonight so I'm tired and will work more on it another day.

1 comment:

  1. Hah! Your photos led me along - clever girl! And the end result, that lovely Churn Dash, was so worth it! Lovely muted colors -- you have a good eye. Beautiful fabrics. 8-)

    However, what is the square going to be used for??? Guess your fabrics are for 2 different quilts?