Sunday, July 4, 2010

July Block Party

Finally I can show the boat blocks worked on last month. These will be in the Block Party (LOTTO)for July. Exciting news- I won a set of the Kids Jar blocks from the Block Party draw for last month. I guess the jar blocks will make a good kids charity quilt.
Below is Mimsy, my DH's cat. I found her at the local shelter several months ago. Mims was on death row, no one wanted a long-haired cat that needed dental work. She had been taken from a bad situation, a cat collector. Mimsy was kept in a cage for several years, stored with several other caged cats in a small trailer on the owners property.

Dear Mimsy is at home now, she loves only my DH, I get hissed at! Sheesh, and I am the one who saved that silly cat.
Must add a pic of Patch Cat. She loves to be on the back screened porch when it's not too hot. I wanted to toss out the old cat tree but she loves to sleep on it and watch birds and chickens out back.


  1. Glad Mimsy found a good home - she looks very content - I wonder if it was a woman that abused her so she is like that?? Love the boat blocks - they look like you have done really good points on those triangles - well done..

  2. Great pictures of the cats - I hope that Mimsy comes around and recognizes who gave her such a great new home. Love the boat blocks and those jar blocks will make a great charity quilt!

  3. Love the boat block would make a great little baby boy quilt. I just love the ranch life. I grew up in CA on 25 acres with all the animals. I have 2 acres here but it is so darn hot in the summer I just feel sorry for animals so I only have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I may get chickens in the fall. Love your little chicks.